What is the Sustainable Santa Cruz County Plan?

The Sustainable Santa Cruz County Plan will create a roadmap for a more sustainable way-of-life in the urban areas of unincorporated Santa Cruz County.  The Plan will integrate the County’s land use and transportation policies in a way that protects environmental resources, supports economic growth, and increases access to opportunity for all County residents. The Sustainable Santa Cruz County Plan will address some of the critical questions of our day, including:

  • How can we provide housing that is affordable for all County residents?
  • How can our development patterns and transportation choices help to reduce greenhouse gas emissions?
  • How can we increase transportation alternatives and reduce reliance on the automobile?
  • How can we increase the supply of good jobs available to county residents?
  • How can we ensure that all residents benefit from economic growth and development?
  • How can all residents have a voice in the future of their communities?

The Sustainable Santa Cruz County Plan will be grounded in a community-based vision that reflects the unique character and values of our community.  We invite all county residents to join the conversation on how we can best work together to plan for a more sustainable future.