Work Program and Schedule

The Sustainable Santa Cruz County Plan will take approximately three years to complete. It is anticipated that approval of the Plan by the Board of Supervisors will occur in early 2015. A schedule of key tasks is described below. Please note that the schedule is subject to change, so check back often for updates.


Existing Conditions (completed October 2012)

The first task will involve review background materials and analyzing existing conditions relevant to the Sustainable Santa Cruz County Plan. This task will result in an Existing Conditions Report that will describe existing conditions in the project area related to land use, urban design, population and housing, economics, transportation, and natural resources.


Vision and Guiding Principles (completed December 2012)

Using public input obtained from a variety of methods, the project team will prepare a Vision Statement, Goals, and Policy Framework for the Sustainable Santa Cruz County Plan. This product will articulate guiding principles for the study corridors and will provide a foundation for the preparation of Plan components.


Alternatives for Focus Areas (February or March 2013)

The project team will prepare alternative development scenarios for focus areas within the County’s transit corridors. Focus areas are the places within the transit corridors where land use changes and transportation improvements can best promote project objectives. The alternatives will address land uses, urban design, economic development, natural resource protection, and transportation enhancements to promote sustainable communities within Santa Cruz County.


Preferred Concept Plan (completed October 2013)

The project team will use public input on the focus area alternatives to prepare one or more Plan concept diagrams that illustrate the preferred land use, urban design, and circulation concepts for the focus areas. The concept plans will be highly graphic and focus on the urban design characteristics of envisioned new development and transportation infrastructure. The concept plan will also contain detailed design concepts for specific opportunity sites within the Plan area.


Development Regulations and Implementation Programs (completed December 2013)

Following the preparation of the preferred concept plan, the project team will work with the public to prepare development regulations and programs to implement the plan concept. Amendments to the County’s Planning and Zoning Regulations will be prepared that focus on building and site design, permitted land uses, and parking requirements. All amendments to development regulations will be grounded firmly in economic realities and will be highly customized to individual focus areas and opportunity sites.


Final Plan (approved January 2015)

The project team will assemble materials prepared as part of prior tasks into a Plan for Santa Cruz County. The Plan will present a vision for more sustainable land use and transportation patterns in the County that protects the environment, supports economic development, and promotes social equity. The Plan will be richly illustrated and clearly written to facilitate easy implementation of Plan concepts over time.