Advisory Group Charge

The following is a description of the role and responsibilities of the Sustainable Santa Cruz County Advisory Group and guidelines for how Advisory Group meetings will be conducted.


The purpose of the Advisory Group is to provide information and advice to Planning Department staff and the project consultants during the preparation of the Sustainable Santa Cruz County Plan. The Group will not take official votes or make recommendations to any hearing body.


The Advisory Group consists of 24 stakeholders selected by the Planning Director to represent a diversity of viewpoints and areas of technical expertise.


The Advisory Group will meet for a limited period of time and will terminate upon the completion of the project. The project is expected to be completed by June 2014.



A total of seven Advisory Group meetings are planned over the two-year term of the project. Some meetings may be held jointly with the Planning Commission. Meetings will be held on weekday evenings and will generally last for two to three hours.


Public Input
While meetings will be geared toward discussions with Group members, they will be open to public. Because of the limited time available for each meeting, and the nature of the Group process, community members will be asked to provide comments at the end of the meeting. A time limit will be imposed on each speaker during the public comment period.


Group members will be expected to prepare for, attend, and participate in all seven Group meetings. Group members are also encouraged but not required to attend public workshops planned for the project.


Communication with Staff and Consultants
Outside of Group meetings, County staff will serve as the liaison to the Group. All Group member questions, comments, and other correspondence should be directed to County staff. Correspondence from Group members requiring consultant response will be forwarded to the consultant through County staff.


Due to the limited duration of the Advisory Group, the Group will function without a Chair or a Vice Chair. County staff and/or the project consultant will be responsible the meeting functions typically performed by a Chair or Vice Chair.


Brown Act
The meetings of the Advisory Group are not subject to the Ralph M. Brown Act.


Statutory Authority
The Advisory Group was created pursuant to Santa Cruz County Code Chapter 2.38 (Boards, Commissions, Group, and Department Advisory Groups Generally). The Advisory Group shall be conducted in a manner consistent with this Chapter.


Meeting Notes
Following each meeting, informal meeting notes will be created by staff and posted to the project website.


Public Notification
Group meeting dates will be published on the Planning Department website, on the project website. Meeting agendas will be posted on the website, at local libraries, and at County Government Center a minimum of 72 hours prior to meeting dates. Meeting materials will be posted on the project website and available for public review.